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What is CEBA?

CEBA (the Center for Education Business & Arts) is a Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. Community Initiative. 

The plan is to build, furnish, and manage a facility in Shenandoah, PA.
CEBA will be a place where entrepreneurs can acquire affordable education, space, and support they need to start and grow their business.

CEBA has recognized the need for four distinct types of spaces;

  • The WorkShops@Ceba will provide space for those individuals interested in light manufacturing, such as
    woodworking, metalworking, electronics, ceramics and pottery, and any other similar business.
  • The Kitchens@CEBA will be for individuals seeking to start a business in the food industry, such as
    a restaurant, a bakery, catering, a food truck, or a combination of all.
  • The OfficeSpace@CEBA will be for individuals looking to provide business services, graphic design,
    communications, technology-based businesses, consulting, publishing and other types of office-based business.
  • The Studios@CEBA will be for artists of all types: painting, fashion, jewelry makers, photographers, videographers, etc.

In addition, we have identified three additional programs that area entrepreneurs need:

  • Education@CEBA will be available through partners providing educational programs and seminars
    to start and grow your business with Penn State Schuylkill having a classroom located in the Center.
  • The Shops@CEBA will provide retail space for tenants to sell their wares to visitors and the public.
  • The EventCenter@CEBA will provide spaces for public and private events and performances.
    Conference rooms for meetings and access to a catering kitchen.

All of these programs will also have available for use: a warehouse to store their products, and a shipping room
to deliver their products, as well as conference rooms for meetings.

CEBA will act as a catalyst for economic development in the surrounding area.  
Entrepreneurs will start and grow their businesses at CEBA and once stable, move outside CEBA 
to surrounding communities creating more commerce and job opportunities in the area.

How can you help?

As CEBA develops, there will be many ways for the public, area businesses, and organizations to get involved.  
Be sure to leave us your email address on the survey and we will keep you informed as CEBA progresses.

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