Shenandoah is in the spotlight these days and it's for a very good reason. Good things are happening and people are noticing. Most recently on Sunday, August 21, The Republican Herald's staff writer, Hyun Soo Lee visited the Borough to learn why so many new businesses are opening. He also joined the recent walking tour with Senator Argall and Representative Twardzik. The article is the paper's series of "monthly snapshots of a Schuylkill County Community" and shared interesting information about our past, present and future.

Did you know that Shenandoah is the site of the first and oldest Ukrainian Green Catholic Church in the country? It's St. Michael's on South Chestnut St. Or that Shenandoah is the location of the impressive Pennsylvania Anthracite Miners Memorial that was dedicated in 1996? That's located along Washington St. Or is the home of Lyric Bar and Restaurant that used to be a theatre frequented by A- Lister Hollywood stars and celebrities? It's under newer ownership and located on West Centre St. As a matter of fact, national brand, Mrs. T's Pierogies is celebrating their 70 year anniversary this year.

This is just a sprinkling of the tidbits that make Shenandoah special. The list goes on and on. It's also interesting to note that many of the long time businesses and landmarks in the Borough are being complemented with new businesses and specialty shops. Take a look at DSI's Business Spotlight articles featured in past newsletters and learn more.

The, Today's Shenandoah article shared how the business landscape is growing and changing. "In the past few years, several area entrepreneurs have opened new ventures, including eateries, convenience stores, thrift stores, notaries, and a pharmacy along the main strip," the article shares. Shenandoah Pharmacy owner, Pinky Patel was quoted as saying, "in my 13 years as a business owner in the area the town has improved." Shenandoah Borough Manager Tony Sajone was quoted as saying the boom of new residents is a positive change and he believes Shenandoah is on the right path to revitalization. "People should start focusing on adapting to the changing times," he said.

CEBA is a  community center is for the entire Schuylkill County and surrounding region to visit, learn and find the resources they need to improve their careers and skill sets.

The Center For Education, Business & Arts Will Boost Economy

"It takes a village to make a town stand out and Shenandoah has what it takes to move the community into a bright thriving future," said Susan Williams of DSI. A catalyst for change is the future Center for Education, Business & Arts (CEBA) a community center/entrepreneurial hub that will include a commercial kitchen, Penn State classroom, event center and co working spaces. DSI is spearheading this project and is very close to the financial goal to begin outreach for requests for proposals for construction. Williams explained this center is for the entire Schuylkill County and surrounding region to visit, learn and find the resources they need to improve their careers and skill sets.

"Shenandoah as a tight knit town with an interesting personality," said Williams. She continued to explain that residents volunteer their time and expertise to one another without a second thought, further cementing Shenandoah's reputation as a friendly and community-oriented environment. "I think this is very impressive," she added.