Avatar Workshop: Using Data To Identify and Understand Your Ideal Customer, November 22, 2019

Aimee Eckley, interactive media director at the Republican Herald and Shamrock Digital Group, shared the best tips and ready-to-implement strategies to make marketing successful during a LionLaunch Let’s Do Lunch With The Experts on November 22. The session was one of  a series of lunch and learn style events that Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. (DSI) and Penn State Schuylkill are bringing to Shenandoah, PA. Let's Do Lunch with the Experts is designed to help busy professionals advance their entrepreneurial skills and have a positive effect of the economic landscape of Schuylkill County.

Aimee creatively used an Avatar or illustration of herself to show attendees a fun and easy way to create a visual customer profile. “Creating an Avatar will help you gain a deeper understanding of target customers—from their hobbies and habits to what makes them tick,” explained Eckley. She continued to explain that after creating an “avatar” of an ideal client, you can get to know them and learn how to maximize every dollar in a marketing budget, generate more leads, and improve your overall customer experience. The event was sponsored by Downtown Shenandoah, Inc and was free to attend. “We are traveling throughout Schuylkill County to provide entrepreneurial and business development programs,” said Susan Williams, LionLaunch Coordinator. DSI is a wonderful partner in our continued efforts to serve our community and revitalize Schuylkill County,” she said.