Penn State Schuylkill’s LionLaunch Lunch Showcased Local Entrepreneur Who Shared Marketing Ideas

Building Your Marketing Framework From The Ground Up, February 10, 2020

“You have to tell your story to build your brand,” explained presenter Emily Gordon during her lunch presentation, Building Your Marketing Framework From the Ground Up.” Emily introduced herself to the audience as a Penn State alumni, product publicist for Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles, advertising professional, broadcast journalist and now an entrepreneur. Emily owns Schuylkill County’s newest and most unique bridal salon: The Bridal Studio, located in downtown Schuylkill Haven. One of the many points Emily shared is that you have to create a story that stands out, which makes you different than your competitors. And then, stay true to that brand. The Bridal Studio is more than a retail store. It creates a memorable experience. “I make appointments for brides and their bridal parties to come into the studio, try on dresses, enjoy refreshments together and create a lasting memory.” 

Emily also shared multiple ways to advertise your business, especially on a limited budget. She explained that first, you need to target your audience and know where they are. For example, younger customers are on social media platforms like Instagram and older customers use Facebook or read the newspaper. “Keep your message true to your brand, take professional photos and always use a call to action,” she said. It is also important to track your success by using the analytics most social media platforms and email management companies offer. Evaluating your campaign will help you create future ones that work. 

LionLaunch is part of a Penn State University-wide initiative, Invent Penn State, whose mission is to spur economic growth in Pennsylvania. “Our goal is to offer professional development and entrepreneurial programming throughout Schuylkill County,” said Susan Williams, LionLaunch coordinator. “We offer lunch sessions at Penn State Schuylkill located in Schuylkill Haven. Working with DSI and CEBA is helping us expand and reach business professionals in the northern part of the county.”

The next Let’s Do Lunch presentation in Shenandoah is April 27th The topic, “Types of Business Entities: Pros, Cons and What is Best Your Your Business will be presented by Attorney Ben Forbes. Register by contacting Susan Williams, LionLaunch Coordinator, 570-385-6065, or contact Mary Luscavage, Executive Director of Downtown Shenandoah, Inc.,